Having gained a degree in fine art at Winchester School of Art, I began as an apprentice at Petersburg Press, a fine art publisher in Portobello Road, London. Here I trained under Ernie Donaugh a master printer in lithography, where we printed editions for renowned American and English artists.

The prints were mainly done on litho stones, which was an amazing learning period for me,

especially straight from art school and the experience has stayed with me ever since.

After a time I co-founded a Textile studio where we painted designs on paper for fashion fabrics that we sold globally. Very soon I was concentrating on selling designs in New York.

My time in New York gave me an amazing insight into the business of design and in due course I lectured at university and became Head of  Printed Textiles for fashion fabrics.


I have now set up my own litho print studio where I have time to research techniques and processes that are suited to my work as a printmaker . I managed to find a vintage press which is the same model of press that I worked on originally and am again enjoying the process of direct printing. I enjoy combining modern techniques with old school processes and the introduction of

computer aided design utilising photo plates, is an important element in my prints.